Bryan Cooper

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Heide M / Administrative Assistant

Susan did a great job for us when we sold our home. We had lived there for about 10 years so there was a bit of deferred maintenance to be done and she brought to our attention a few small things we could do to the property to increase the appeal. She got us listed very quickly and accurately, worked hard on the open house process, and brought anumber of other realtors to the property to insure the word was out about our offering. One of the strategic elements is landing on the right listing price. Susan did a good job helping us come to a good decision based on the comps and her experience in the area. Susan found a solid buyer and we went into escrow. As it turned out, the buyer began requesting improvements and asking for discounts due to findings discovered through inspections etc. Once again, her experience, hard work and negotiation skills helped us go back and forth making concessions on some points but holding our ground on others. The sale went through on time… we are happy and the buyer, whom we see from time to time, is happy. Susan lead us through the entire process and brought it to a win/win conclusion.